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The Witch of Portobello

As a person who loves to read, I have felt that the prices of the books are a bit high if, like me, you want to buy everything you read. While I would love to see the authors getting money for their work, the breakup of the price shows that they get much less than the publishers and distributors. Paulo Coelho is giving us an opportunity to show the publishing world including authors how selling books at lower price can increase their sales.

Paulo Coelho has announced that 10 of his books are available for $0.99. (Kindle & Nook) Unfortunately this offer is available in USA and Canada.

I am delighted to know that one of my US publishers, Harper Collins, following a conversation with my agent Monica Antunes at the London Book Fair 2012, have decided to reduce the price of all my ebook titles (except the Alchemist) to 0,99 USD.

Which means a book now costs less than a cup of coffee!

via A book for the price of a song — Paulo Coelho’s Blog.

Paulo Coelho Book Links

1] The Alchemist (not in the promotion)
2] Eleven Minutes Kindle + Nook
3] The Pilgrimage Kindle + Nook
4] The Manual of the Warrior of Light Kindle Nook
5] By the River Piedra I sat down and wept Kindle + Nook
6] The Zahir Kindle Nook
7] Veronika decides to die Kindle + Nook
8] The Witch of Portobello Kindle + Nook
9] Brida Kindle Nook
10] The devil and Miss Prym Kindle + Nook
11] The winner stands alone Kindle + Nook

If you are in US or Canada buy as many books as possible and tell your friends about this awesome deal from Paulo Coelho. Let us hope other authors take a leaf of Paulo Coelho’s book and cut the price of their ebook version. I cannot justify paying around $10 for each book I want to read and I am sure you can’t either. Share this post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and anywhere else you can think of. You will find the appropriate links at the bottom of this post.

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